Lord’s Cricket Ground.

The heart of St John’s wood

A remarkable opportunity to purchase a share of this historic cricket ground. The parcel of land within the Lord's grounds, while serving as an iconic keepsake to be passed on for generations, has latent development potential.

A token of appreciation of this wonderful game

This significant parcel of land lies beyond the iconic Nursery End comes with title and a thousand year lease. Close observers of the sport and the happenings at this hallowed ground will have witnessed significant debate over the past two decades involving redevelopment proposals to maximise this valuable real estate. Indeed, an MCC development committee, which included former prime minister Sir John Major, spent an estimated £7M on feasibility studies and recommended proceeding formally with the plan before it was withdrawn.
Subsequently, after considerable debate during 2017, the members voted against the notion of the land being capitalised. It is clear that this asset is a topic of hotly-debated significance. But those interested in acquiring a share of this land should not labour under the illusion that this site will be developed during their lifetime. It may well not. Although purchasers should note that the MCC lease expires in one hundred years’ time which may make the acquisition and bequeathing of a share in this asset a valuable one for grandchildren and beyond.
New Commonwealth now invites you to be one of the first to register for the Lordscoin. In purchasing a piece of the cricket’s most famous ground, for yourself, as a gift or simply as a souvenir of happy days spectating, you can own a unique token of your appreciation for this wonderful game.
“Some of my fondest memories are from playing at Lord’s, so I’m delighted that people from across the world will be able to join me and purchase their own piece of this historic and iconic ground”
David Gower OBE
David Gower OBE

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More than £7M has been spent exploring this development

Investment view from the fund manager

"The New Commonwealth Lord’s Fund will be managed by a fully authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) who will be responsible for the on-going risk management and portfolio management of the fund in line with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). The manager has a wealth of experience in the real estate space having operated as AIFM for a number of REITS, IPO’s and standalone funds with more than $2bn under management".
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