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New Commonwealth is opening-up property ownership to everyone, creating a new common wealth for the privileged many. Now everyone has the opportunity to build a property portfolio, piece by piece.

From Lord’s Cricket Ground to super-prime Mayfair, our assets are prized. New Commonwealth will be powered by one of the world’s leading trading platforms, enabling investors to enjoy peace of mind when they purchase a piece of unique real estate.

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Iconic London is on the block. Literally. Learn more about our ground-breaking real estate opportunities.

Lord's Cricket Ground
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Lord’s Cricket Ground, Wellington Road, London

This offering will delight the world’s cricket-lovers. The opportunity to own a piece of Lord’s Cricket Ground.
In purchasing a piece of the land located beyond The Nursery End, perhaps as a token of your appreciation for this great game, a gift for the grandchildren or simply as a souvenir of happy days spectating, you are also making a modest bet. That, in the future, the MCC will realise the development value of this unique location.
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103 Mount Street, Mayfair
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Mount Street,
Mayfair, London

This offering is a must for fans of a certain board game. As well as international fashionistas. The opportunity to own a piece of super-prime Mayfair.
Located at 103 Mount Street, in the heart of the world’s most exclusive retail district, this building is home to some of London’s most affluent businesses as well as the flagship London location for LVMH’s luxury brand Céline.
Property Details
A token of appreciation

New Commonwealth. Welcome to assets for all.

Enabled by the technology that is transforming the way the world transacts, the team at New Commonwealth have combined to provide access to prize assets for the man on the street, not just the landed elite. To create a new property-owning democracy, backed by the Blockchain. With the vision to enable everyone, ultimately, to own a piece of everywhere.

For buyers, this means the combination of three complementary benefits:

An asset-backed purchase, secured by the Blockchain. A parcel, a share, a piece.
Participation in your passion, in owning part of a building of significant historical value, a slice of a treasured sporting venue or a segment of a super-prime site.
Being first in the creation of a new property-owning democracy, pioneering the opening-up of ownership.
Exchange of Note

The London Block Exchange

New Commonwealth are delighted to announce our partnership with LBX, The London Block Exchange as our Exchange of Note. This will allow us to support our Property Token ecosystem with an effective aftermarket. As one of the leading multi-asset UK crypto exchanges, LBX bring expertise, UK Banking and over 10 different crypto currencies and tokens.
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The information on this site does not constitute, or form part of, any offer to sell or issue, or any selection of an offer to purchase or subscribe for, any securities in New Commonwealth or any specific property, or any part of it, nor should the fact of its distribution, form the basis of, or be relied on, in connection with any contract.

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